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Tony Stanza - "AfricaNAmerica"

Tony Stanza returns with his latest off his BlaXphemy project called "AfricaNAmerica". Heat

Trill Gutta ft Redd Gutta & TJ Gutta - I'm Workin (VIdeo)

I don't know where this came from, who these guys are, I think they are from Gary, Indiana. But this shit hot. Trill Gutta bought out Redd Gutta & TJ Gutta for "I'm Workin". 

Fresh Linen - The Take Over

Fresh Linen sent their latest effort "The Take Over" for listening pleasure. I'm late with the delivery but this sh*t is still sizzling!

(Exclusive) M.Rex - Dear Summer #MRexFree

After an extended stay in Indiana, M.Rex is finally home. And he is finally back at it. "Dear Summer" is a rare look into the life of Rex and you don't even need a visual to see how hard this shit is. Keep this brother in your prayers as he continues his fight with the judicial system, but right now sync this shit to your IPod's, MP3's and download it to your phone. This shit is not to be slept on!
Dear Summer

#FreeMRex Exclusive!: The Hood Prepz - Talk of The Town

Take this advice as serious as a Paternity Test. You need to be in tune with The Hood Prepz! The streak of consecutive bangers is at 4. Without any hesitation I can say I NEVER heard a weak track from THP. We need to start supporting our talent much earlier than we do, because the fact is, you see it HERE @ but won't listen or DL until you see it on FakeShoreDrive & Ruby Hornet. Talent is Talent regardless of who co-signs or dick rides you. Support you TALENTED LOCAL ARTIST!

Talk of The Town
Support him now, your still going to have to pay him later!
Producer/ Artist/ Entrepreneur 
Tha Hood-Prepz


New Sh*t!: Tha Hood-Prepz ft. Shaun Billz "Wake Up"

Bringing you nothing but the best, I present this very talented brother from Indiana named The Hood Prepz. He sent over his new single "Wake up" featuring Shaun Billz & I know one thing for sure, it's a good solid track. I heard the track and instantly went in search of more homey. The conclusion I came up with is, you won't like all his music. But he has something for EVERYBODY to feel. Give my dude a chance.

Remember I've never sent you off!

Wake up!
Take some time to hit him up & let him know how you feel!