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This is not to be Slept on!: Howard Flozstello - Preview Music

Focus: How E. Stacks - The Anti-Gravity Effect (mixtape)

4/20 is tomorrow! (If u don't know, you don't need too.) And when its time to "get it in", How E. Stacks should be among your music selection. He delivers "Excellent" mood-music and his beat selection makes it even easier to enjoy him. Anti-Gravity effect like all #NT artists mixtape has seemingly effortless production. And though you'll love 85% of this tape, at times it seems repetitive  making up the 15% your bound to disagree with. All in all, How E. Stacks is offical. If you want to hear some New, Different, Smoker, music. Take the time and Check How E. Stacks out.
We Awesome
Anti-Gravity Affect DL link here
Tell How E. Stacks how you enjoy his music

Something Real!: How E. Stacks (feat. GoD Jewels) – Sunroof Missing (Remix)

Came across this track via ( & it's How E. Stacks ft GoD Jewels entitled "Sunroof missing remix". It is here cause it's OFFICIAL! Jewels show his ass damn near every verse, How E. Stacks is a dude we need to hear more from. This shit goes hard so check it out
Sunroof Missing (Remix)
Tell them how you dig it (or not).
Be on the lookout for How E. Stacks’ Anti-Gravity Effect and GoD Jewels’Greatness Opens Doors. Both works coming soon. Shout out