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The Interrupters (Must see) @TheInterrupters

If you live in Chicago this is a must see film. I will be attending the screening tomorrow afternoon, I hope to see some of the Only4TheReal family there. The movies follows the work CeaseFire does for the city. This is such a hot topic in Chicago, its always great to see something positive and informative on the subject. 
Please #DontSleep and Checkout Interrupters site and Social networking

Fuck Nigga Weekly - Val Kilmer, Gov. Pat Quinn

In the new film "Gun" Starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer, Kilmer plays an Ex-con who has just been released and looking for work. He contacted an old friend (50) for employment and instantly rises in the ranks of 50's street army.

50 and Kilmer's then grew so close, 50 made him second in charge. Kilmer accepted and did everything asked of him by 50. Until the moment came to take down 50. Val Kilmer had to reveal his undercover Donnie Brasco side. He had been released by the state to aid in the capture & conviction of 50.

No problem with that. He just doing his job. WRONG!

Kilmer's whole plan was to kill 50 once he had the opportunity to do so. 50 shot up a club with rival gun sellers outside and Kilmer's wife was an innocent victim.

But instead of Kilmer setting out to complete the mission, he cooperated, only after bitching up & not killing the man he vowed to. Killing is bad. But jail is worse.

Val Kilmer you won't win an Oscar for this role, but y…