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O4TR Ep. 1

This right here is the first of many O4TR Episodes.  4/20  Edition S/O the whole Walking Canvas team Big Marcus  Ayo, Sleep G press play

Only4TheReal Interview w/ So Hood Gang

So Hood Gang chopped it up with Only4TheReal about the past, present and future. 

Muhammad Ali

Everything Ali said in this interview show how to many people in this world judge a person off there material assets and this was like 20 years ago. In my eye its fuck what type of car you drive what are you bringing to the table.

Movie Pick of the Week | Once Fallen

Another sleeper pick for the masses, featuring the always beautiful Taraji P. Henson. The movie follows the life of Chance (Brian Presley) as he tries to walk a straight line coming out of prison. Chance must deal with his new status as a single father to his 5 year old daughter. He also must deal with his father Liam (Ed Harris) who is trying to pull his son back into the life. All these elements makes for one GOOD ASS MOVIE. You can check it out on Netflix or Starz OnDemand if possible. #DontSleep and always remember I never send you off! Until next week...

Don't sleep!: Kil Ripkin - "Not You

Kil Ripkin sent this over and its entitled "Not You" Directed by Science Projects and Produced by Eric G. It has a good message, sounds like he had this one written down for a while. It has that Nas Late 90's sound. Check it out let me know what you think.

Hit Kil up & let him know something.

"Official": Jig Dolla Feat. Dutch Shultzz - "Ups & Downs"

A lil late with this one. Found this via ( & couldn't let you sleep on my dude. This is a track off his mixtape
"Since 10/86" it's entitled "Ups & Down" & if you haven't already heard it, Your Welcome. Hope to hear more Jig Dolla SOON!
"Ups & Down" ft Dutch Schultzz Don't  forget to let him know! Don't just enjoy & DIP! Hit him up! DL his entire mixtape @
Link Here

Damn Thats Some Real Talk: Smoker Laws

Earlier on Twitter there was a conversation about smoker pet Peeves. That inspired a thought, Smoker Laws! Ran into somebody's Laws on Facebook and decided to share them with you. Instead of just abiding by these rules, let's create our own Laws. If you are down put your suggestions in the comment section and the best "Laws" will be posted and made apart of the "Only4TheReal Smoker Rules". All Participation is appreciated. Shoutout @MsBradford@ItsJustPay@Cause87th @Courtn3yMichelle

It's long so Keep up! 1. Thou shalt not turn down a smoke. Never! This is the definitive rule to live by!

2. The person who rolls the blunt (no matter whose weed it is) gets to spark up the blunt and get first hits.

3. If someone rolls a nice blunt, it's good to give the person a compliment on their rolling skills.

4. If someone starts bogarting the bowl and starts using the excuse that its okay for them to bogart it since it's their weed, this is definitely not cool.…

Focus: Only4TheReal'sTop Songs from Chicago Artists

We ALL know by now, New Years is here & that means another year of exclusive tracks from your favorite artists will be here soon. 2009 was an "Aight" year as far as music goes and we @ found ourselves listening exclusively to Chicago artist all this year. We will highlight this years Best songs from a Chicago's Unsigned artist.

 Phenomenal 1 - You Ain't Right

The Beat sets the tone for me. Then he jumps right in and delivers. While Phe is not hitting the track with constant punchlines and over used ad-libs, the track is undoubtedly good. This song makes me think of the Hip-Hop I grew up on, and before when artist got to the point of the song and didn't just try to rhyme words no one knows the meaning to, just for the sake of calling it exclusive. (Phenomenal-1 can be reached @   )

The Boy Illinois - James Dean

The song is not even as long as some people skits, but more…