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F.Dot (@FDotDaBrickBoy) | B.O.N. (Buck 20 Edition)

Buck 20 Brick Boyz (F.Dot) - No Feelings Pt.1

My homey my muhfuggin homey F.Dot back on his shit. Linking up with Yung Da Copo on the visual for his latest release "No Feelings Pt 1" produced by Vybe. It's good to see the big guy home busting moves like he supposed too. He should be the hottest nigga in it in my opinion. Let's see what happens

@billion_ballout @liljeffsoinsane @jigg_blockboyz - "Bout Dat Life" (Video)

Billionaire Black features @liljeffsoinsane and @jigg_blockboyz on this new track "Bout That Life". Big guns, flexing and bars. All you gotta do now is

Billionaire Black - Trust Issues (Video)

Billionaire killed this DGainz beat and again Yung Da Copo murked the visual. Listen as Billionaire speaks that Real Nigga Talk over a smooth Drake sampled banger. This shit right here

Buck 20 Brick Boyz - Gettin' Off Dat (Video)

FINALLY! Buck 20 Brick Boyz finally got off dat BS and came together for their latest visual "Gettin' Off Dat" shot and chopped By DG Films. Hopefully this is just the first step in a return for the Brick Boyz. They are not given any credit for being the pioneers that they are in the Chicago scene. Free my nigga F.DOT real shit its not many out here hotter and when he get home watch. Buck 20 on the way on top!

Buck 20 Brick Boyz - Hard Work Payz Off {Mixtape}

FINALLY! Brand new Buck 20 mixtape "Hard Work Payz Off" out today and even minus Billionaire Black this muhfugga still official. F. Dot and Choppa demonstrate why Buck 20 is on top!

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Buck 20 Brick Boyz (F. Dot) - Dis Ain't Whatchu Lookin' For

Buck 20 Brick Boyz (Choppa Da Goon) - We On Live

DGainz Presents - Inspired By: The Struggle

Buck 20 Brick Boyz - Hustle Hard (Remix)

Lil Durk - I'm a Hitta [UNOFFICIAL VIDEO]

Salute to The Real Series - Buck 20 Brick Boyz

After first hearing Buck 20, you will instantly have some type of feeling about them & their music. Whether good or bad, you've already judged them too early. F.Dot, Choppa and Billionaire Black are unique and real in every sense of those words. If you like or consider yourself a fan of the Buck 20 Brick Boyz, Pay Attention!  (Video and more pics soon! Courtesy of D. Gainz & WormTV (Word On Real Music)

#ReaN*ggaSh*t!: (F. Dot) - Real Nigga

Truthfully I love this song for more than just being Chicago Music. This shit reminds me of the love I had/have for my niggaz, my block, and the end results. We all lost loved ones, I dedicate this one to my brother Lex, my lil homey Man-Man, my cousin Ryan, My nigga Kevin and many more! This shit is deep, so pay attention!

Focus: Buck 20 Brick Boyz

These dudes are a problem! Low-End Represenatives this group is the definition of Chicago Street Rap. Banging ass beats, hood videos, cold ass bars. Going through I discovered these guys, and haven't stopped listening yet. They have a number of Youtube videos, (no material for DL I found) and I truly think these niggaz deserve Support. No matter color, creed, affiliation, you can't deny Real shit when you see it! Take some time check it out, I guarantee they don't disappoint.

Go ahead hit em up, tell him how you found out about em!