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Good Sh*t!: Young Tez - Im So Appalled (Video)

Young Tez finally released a video for his song "I'm so Appalled". Not too much to it, but still effective. And he shouts out everybody's favorite, Only4TheReal™. Besides that if you never heard this track don't sleep. Tez delivers!
Hit Young Tez up & tell him you appreciate his GRIND!


New!: Young Tez - I'm so Appalled

Even if you dislike Young Tez' music, you have to acknowledge his hustle. This nigga put out tracks like he Wayne or Gucci1 Seriously tho, Tez blessed us again with another banger. Its called "I'm So Raw- Appalled". It's not the best Tez you'll ever hear, but It'll do. Its worth the listen & DL, Why else would it be here? EXACTLY!

I'm So Raw- Appalled
If you enjoy Tez' music let a nigga know!
Also: If possible Facebook search "Young Tez" to see the video for his track "Espy".  Stay putting n*ggaz on!