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Focus: Buck 20 Brick Boyz

These dudes are a problem! Low-End Represenatives this group is the definition of Chicago Street Rap. Banging ass beats, hood videos, cold ass bars. Going through I discovered these guys, and haven't stopped listening yet. They have a number of Youtube videos, (no material for DL I found) and I truly think these niggaz deserve Support. No matter color, creed, affiliation, you can't deny Real shit when you see it! Take some time check it out, I guarantee they don't disappoint.

Go ahead hit em up, tell him how you found out about em!

#RealniggaShit: Ron Artest

Rooting for Boston it is hard to watch them celebrate. But Ron Artest the REALIST Dude in the NBA helped me find a reason to enjoy the victory. Real people do real things, and the first thing Artest did was thank his Hood, Family, Doctors. Gotta love and respect a real nigga.