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Dave Raps aka David Ruffin (Mixtape)

Dave Raps dropped his latest effort "AKA David Ruffin". This shit is so soulful and yet Dave keeps his same smooth but deadly flow on at all times. This project is a must for anybody that has enjoyed a Dave Raps track before. Trust I mean it when I tell you


Lil Reese - Haters

This shit so hot, even though we late I still got it for you. Lil Reese and DIB ent link and sample Kells for a smooth and still hard track. This is a must have for anybody calling themselves a fan of Chicago's new school. GBE moving!


E-Money - Racks-On-Racks

Yeah U Sleep!: Jacka ft Freeway - They Don't Know

Usually here @ we focus on unsigned unheard of talent. But this ain't that. You can thank Jesse James at for this, it's a song from an artist named Jacka featuring Freeway entitled "The Don't Know". It had to be posted, ITS HEAT! The beat is excellent and Jacka and Free sound similar to Free and Beans back in the day. All we EVER want to do is put you on!
They Don't Know

If you Feeling this HEAT, Hit These dudes up & tell them about the Great job they are doing. Don't forget Freeway just dropped his album "The Stimulus Package", show love to the real!

Focus: T.O. Da Prezident - P*ssy Weak (Video)

 T.O. sent this humorous track video over this morning. Its a diss to the chicks out there with the sub-par sex game, and with the odor that makes a n*gga call game over. Check it out its good. Hit him up and tell him about the track.
PLUS! Got TWO exclusives from T.O. Check it out
8 Reasons
 Meet me in the sky

Focus: Only4TheReal'sTop Songs from Chicago Artists

We ALL know by now, New Years is here & that means another year of exclusive tracks from your favorite artists will be here soon. 2009 was an "Aight" year as far as music goes and we @ found ourselves listening exclusively to Chicago artist all this year. We will highlight this years Best songs from a Chicago's Unsigned artist.

 Phenomenal 1 - You Ain't Right

The Beat sets the tone for me. Then he jumps right in and delivers. While Phe is not hitting the track with constant punchlines and over used ad-libs, the track is undoubtedly good. This song makes me think of the Hip-Hop I grew up on, and before when artist got to the point of the song and didn't just try to rhyme words no one knows the meaning to, just for the sake of calling it exclusive. (Phenomenal-1 can be reached @   )

The Boy Illinois - James Dean

The song is not even as long as some people skits, but more…