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Today 12.25.17 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Today 11/13/14 According to @Bundy_O4TR

Pavy ft G.o.D Jewels "Nobody Cares" (Video)

I think we got one. Pavy clicks with GoD Jewels for the single "Nobody Cares" off Pavy's upcoming project due out in January.

G.o.D Jewels - ReasonableMatic (Mixtape)

G.o.D. Jewels combines to of the greatest hip-hop albums ever for the title to his latest effort "ReasonableMatic" Sponsored by Check him out!
<a href="">ReasonableMatic by G.o.D. Jewels</a>
Download ReasonableMatic
Check out his visual

The King Of Chicago: G.o.D. Jewels At SXSW (Part 1)

Checked this out on God Jewels personal site. God Jewels is one of the most slept on artist IMO. King of Chicago... We'll see. Check him out, tell us what you think.
G.o.D. Jewels and Horror Show Entertainment join forces to chronicle the SXSW experience like never before. Journey with Jewels as he navigates through Austin, Texas in an attempt to make a name for himself at one of the largest music festivals in the United States. The self-proclaimed King of Chicago covers everything from politics within the local Hip Hop scene, to his personal ideologies. Featuring the new tracks “Bitch I Swear To God” and “Farewell”.

Pavy - The Book of Pavy (MIxtape)

Pavy finally releases his anticipated "The Book of Pavy" mixtape. Downloading my copy right now, you should do the same!
Download Link
Part 1 of Pavy's YNotMyDream Interview

Pavy - "Nobody Cares"

Pavy enlisted some help on his latest single "Nobody Cares" which features  D2G and GoD Jewels. Pavy is gearing up for his monday release of "The Book of Pavy" and he does so very nicely with this one.
Nobody Cares

SUHTV Ep.6 "Behind The Scenes of U Don't Wanna"

Powerful music!: GoDJewels All Things 'Go (Official)

Gotdamn Jewels! If you are from Chicago YOU SHOULD BE PROUD! GoD Jewels released this masterpiece last nite via Twitter and i'm sure everyone who has seen it, watched it twice. This is POWERFUL MUSIC so if thats not your cup of tea, leave now! I encourage everybody to take time & watch and support Jewels
Hit GoD Jewels up & tell him how you support his movement!

Something Real!: How E. Stacks (feat. GoD Jewels) – Sunroof Missing (Remix)

Came across this track via ( & it's How E. Stacks ft GoD Jewels entitled "Sunroof missing remix". It is here cause it's OFFICIAL! Jewels show his ass damn near every verse, How E. Stacks is a dude we need to hear more from. This shit goes hard so check it out
Sunroof Missing (Remix)
Tell them how you dig it (or not).
Be on the lookout for How E. Stacks’ Anti-Gravity Effect and GoD Jewels’Greatness Opens Doors. Both works coming soon. Shout out

Whats the Best Chicago anthem?

While riding the train I came to a realization. Months ago while in search of something new to listen to, I stopped listening to a lot of mainstream artist (with an exception of a few) and started listening to more Chicago underground Artist. Naturally all artist love to rep where they come from and Chicago is no different. Since this morning I've been unable to stop listening to all the music I recently added to my new Mp3 player but the ones about Chicago stick out the most.

A few weeks ago I was @ my dude home and like always we politic bullshit talk money, music, women and Just-pay said "No Chicago song is F*cking with Crown of he Midwest". At the time we argued for a nice minute about our difference in opinion. I now give you the chance to prove me right or wrong. Crown of the Midwest is classic but their are some true gems to choose from.

 I'll give you three Selections and you make your own decision.

JustPay - Crown of The Midwest