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What You On? Fake Love

Fake love's when your homie give you dap
Smile in your face but he wants your ass clapped
Fake love..
Fake love's when they never be around
But once you get rich, they all get down
Fake love..
Fake love's when your friend fuck your bitch
Don't think with his head only think with his dick
Fake love..
So my friends enemies and my enemies be friends
Dont show no love, don't pretend
You know how it goes. Who you know showing you Fake Love? Think about the people you associate with & why? If you can honestly say nobody show you FAKE LOVE, don't ever return to this site again, If you feel the need to get something off your chest, let it be known. Comment section is for everybody. Listen to Tony Yayo put you on Game. GOTDAMN THIS SOME REAL TALK!
Tony Yayo - Fake Love