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#FuckNigga Weekly: Brother Baines & Terrence "Dresser" Williams

Brother Baines was the man who introduced Malcolm X to Islam. He introduced Malcolm to Hon. Elijah Muhammad, pretended to be a upstanding black man. In the end it was only so long fake niggaz could pretend, and the snake came out of Brother Baines. While never being prosecuted for the murder of Malcolm X, you can come to your own conclusion regarding his involvement. Verdict: Brother Baines = #FuckNigga

Terrence "Dresser" Williams was a fictional character in the movie "5 Heartbeats". While not a main character in the movie, he did have one of the most memorable "Fuck-Nigga" moments in the film. Dresser found out he had impregnated a woman right before  the group blasts off in to stardom. Meaning he would have to leave to get a job to make enough money to support his family. Eddie King Jr and Duck Matthews reached into their pockets and gave "Dresser" all the proceeds they had made from their smalltime tour. Now, Fast-Forward years later Eddie Ka…