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The World we live in 5-1-13

Wow. A call from the President? Kobe tweeting support? Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin rallying support for Jason Collins? Nike supporting this man? What kind of world do we live in?

Fuck Nigga Monthly | Frank Ocean

Everybody welcome Frank Ocean as the latest to be tried and convicted of being a "Fuck Nigga". First understand no one is judging Mr. Ocean's choice to love/fuck/emotionally attach himself to a man. But the timing of the announcement is an example of why  Mr. Ocean is more than worthy of the Fuck Nigga MVP award for the month of July. On the heels of his debut album release he reveals his first love was man. No problem with that. But why now? "Novacane" is the biggest of Ocean's songs to date, was about man and woman. He was featured prominently on the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborative effort "Watch The Throne" and even given writer credits for "Church in the Wild" and "Made in America" while portraying himself as a heterosexual male. After becoming one of the biggest young black stars in America he announces he is Gay (kinda Sorta). My belief Frank Ocean is apart of a much bigger plan to ease the subject and lifestyle of hom…

Fuck Nigga Weekly: Larry Merchant and Reed Hastings

Larry Merchant. Everybody is afforded the freedom of speech. But I believe many people use that right as a freedom to hate. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (whether you love him or hate him) knocked Victor Ortiz the fuck out legally. Larry Merchant's job is not to throw his own OPINION into his work. Merchant continued asking Floyd questions pertaining to only what he wanted to know. No congratulatory gestures at all. Then he began to talk about what he would've done had Floyd approached him 50 years ago.
Larry Merchant you may be white, and this may be the first time someone has ever referred to you as a nigga. But Mr. Merchant you are a fuck nigga. It's ok to feel how you feel, but it's never ok to hate on another man after he was just victorious no matter how you feel. If I was Floyd I'd keep a goon around for every age range. Have a 80 year old goon at the next fight to beat dog shit out of Larry Merchant if the same situation arises.

Stop being a FuckNigga Larry

Fuck Nigga Weekly: Andrew Bynum and Red (from Friday)

#FuckNigga Weekly: Shadow & Illinois House

Fuck Nigga Weekly: The One Way Supporter

Fuck-Nigga Weekly - Tionna Smalls

Last Sunday night my woman was tuned into "What Chilli Wants" & instead of hounding her to turn the channel, I surprisingly sat through a whole episode of the bullshit. Tionna Smalls is officially "Fuck-Nigga of the week" . Big Mama job is to find Chilli a man of her dreams. Chilli does date the recommendation, but she is in love with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tionna believes Chilli is wasting her time with Floyd, and is determined to get her to turn her attention to someone more serious about a relationship. So while Chiili & Floyd are out eating dinner, Tionna shows up at the restaurant with a man (a white dude), introduces Chilli to buddy, and disrespects Mayweather all in one swoop.

Big Mama, you foul for hating! But she like the typical "Fat friend", hating and CB'ing (Cock blocking). Mayweather proved to be bigger than the distraction (he didn't catch a case). Ms. Smalls better stop playing with Real N*ggz like that!

Fuck Nigga Weekly - Val Kilmer, Gov. Pat Quinn

In the new film "Gun" Starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer, Kilmer plays an Ex-con who has just been released and looking for work. He contacted an old friend (50) for employment and instantly rises in the ranks of 50's street army.

50 and Kilmer's then grew so close, 50 made him second in charge. Kilmer accepted and did everything asked of him by 50. Until the moment came to take down 50. Val Kilmer had to reveal his undercover Donnie Brasco side. He had been released by the state to aid in the capture & conviction of 50.

No problem with that. He just doing his job. WRONG!

Kilmer's whole plan was to kill 50 once he had the opportunity to do so. 50 shot up a club with rival gun sellers outside and Kilmer's wife was an innocent victim.

But instead of Kilmer setting out to complete the mission, he cooperated, only after bitching up & not killing the man he vowed to. Killing is bad. But jail is worse.

Val Kilmer you won't win an Oscar for this role, but y…

F*ck N*gga Weekly: Josh Luchs