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Focus: Dave Raps (@DaveRapsIll) - In The Valley EP (Review)

Music Tuesday Week 9: Focus

BlackRebel MusicClub keeps it coming with week 9 of their weekly series. This week's entry is entitled "Focus", and I recommend you watch the visual and download the single for your own personal collection. Good music.

Spaz - F O C U $ (Mixtape)

Lurky World Prsents Spaz "Focus". Brand new mixtape from Spaz 13 brand new joints for the people. Press play

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

DJ Kenn | Only4TheReal Salute to The Real (Interview)

DJ Kenn and Only4TheReal click up for the "Salute to the Real" series. Kenn is not to be slept on, my nigga grind harder than 99% of everybody. He found time to squeeze O4R in and let us know whats going on with him and his AON movement. All artist take notice, cause the price of doing business with this man is on the rise.  Only4TheReal them niggaz, Dj Kenn He the man! #NoFunny

Focus: Company Men (Movie Pick of the week)

Let's just say this is not a MUST SEE MOVIE. If your a movie head and need something to see that is better than the most the shit on TV. Look no further "The Company Men" follows the journey of Three different men (Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper,and Tommy Lee Jones) and the fall all three emn took when the economy changed. All men white collar employees climbing the corporate ladder Affleck the lowest, Cooper in middle management, Jones upper level and their lives after during and after the lost of employment. Its hard to not tell you the movie, because the plot is so good. The three men all handle the uncertainty different ways and it makes for a very entertaining movie. On second thought, you might wanna check this out ASAP  Hahaha 
Check it out via Starz streamin, or Netflix Dvd. Otherwise get it how you get it!

Focus: All Good Things (Movie Pick of the Week)

Back to putting the world on the best movies you never heard of. The pick this week is entitled "All Good Things" starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. Based on a true story, the movie sheds light on the disappearance and life of Katie Marks the wife of David Marks a Real Estate moguls son who was suspected of killing her after her mysterious disappearance. The films title is actually named after a health food store the couple actually opened. Watch as David (Gosling) goes from charming into nuts, then tries to cover his tracks by crossing and killing everybody who helps or knows about his actions. Must see if you have Netflix, otherwise get in tune how you get in tune!

Focus: Buck 20 Brick Boyz

These dudes are a problem! Low-End Represenatives this group is the definition of Chicago Street Rap. Banging ass beats, hood videos, cold ass bars. Going through I discovered these guys, and haven't stopped listening yet. They have a number of Youtube videos, (no material for DL I found) and I truly think these niggaz deserve Support. No matter color, creed, affiliation, you can't deny Real shit when you see it! Take some time check it out, I guarantee they don't disappoint.

Go ahead hit em up, tell him how you found out about em!

Focus: PG-13 people

Focus: 700 - We Write it, We Produce it, WE DO THIS!!!!! (Mixtape)

700 is a group out of St. Louis that is hard to find a comparison to. They're Southern sound will at first make you think it's party music, but it's far more lyrical. After listening to the entire mixtape twice, they have Supporters here @ Honestly these dudes never let up! On every track they delivered quality verses and overall an Outstanding mixtape. My dude Jesse James over @ sent the recommendation and instead of doing him a favor, he put a n*gga on! If your a beat lover download this mixtape! If you are tired of the Raw ass beat huff ass lyrics movement DOWNLOAD THIS TAPE
We Write it, We Produce it, We do this - Link Here some spots you can hit 700 up @: Never will I put you on without a PREVIEW! 700 - SupaBad

Shout Jesse James over @ MidwestM…


If you are an artist from the Midwest, you need to be in tune with my dude Jesse James and his site The site hosts Hundreds of Mixtapes from Artist all over the Midwest Region, and it can be home to your next Mixtape (For a fee. Game sold never told). It's already host to some Chicago Representers Bump J, 3Tre, Chip Tha Ripper and few others. With everything in life there are rules and guidelines Here are a few
- is owned by OutDawoodworks Marketing and Promotions, LLC based out of STL,Mo.
The objective is to give a grass root push for Midwest artists to be heard as well as get artist outside the region some Midwest love. For regular average joe Hip hop heads the mixtapes are still free to download. If u want to be on our mailing list to let u know when new mixtapes are up just email me at @
subject line : mailing list

-How to get your mixtape on the website, whether u are an artist or DJ: