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Focus: Saturday Nite Pheature by Phenomenal 1

My dude Phenomenal 1 posted this on this blog, and I'm passing the message on!
Here it is you gonna get down?
Attention MC's and rappers do you have the skills it takes to battle
it out with other MC's to win cash and prizes? The Saturday Night
Pheature is your opportunity to step up, show and prove! Saturday
Night Pheature is the newest artist showcase exposing talent in
Chicago to an excited crowd of music lovers. Are you ready to step up
to the mic in this competition?

Wanna win the $$$ money???
Here are the rules! The battles will be a single elimination blind
draw tournament. Similar to The NCAA basketball tournament format but
seeding will be determined by a blind drawing of numbers.

After determining your place in the bracket you will battle it out
with the person that drew against you for 3, one minute rounds each. At
the end of the three, 1 minute rounds the crowd will determine the winner
by round of applause.

If you win you move on one step closer to the crown b…