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Introducing: Yung Tez - Espy

Attending Phenomenal 1's Saturday nite Pheature, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of local artist, 3Tre, Precise -1, and Yung Tez. To be honest at first listen I wasn't feeling Tez' music. But after hearing what the internet had to offer, and checking out the Mixtapes he passed out after his performance, HE GETS THAT STAMP! Yung Tez is not new to this by any means. But he is new to the experience. We support the REAL. And also the talented. Tez has a unique style and spits that "I don't give a fuck flow" that works to his advantage. Hopefully you will be hearing more from Tez here @ because my dude is "Official"!
He hit us with this Song named Espy via Twitter, Shit is on point, ya'll check it out & let him know something!
Young Tez - Espy
Some more shit for you to check out!

(Yeah Tez I stole that Picture from you!)