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Video: Esohel (@Esohel) - System

J-Rell ft. Yo Dot, Esohel, Trey Dilla, Add​-​2, GadaMan, Marvo, Dion Jetson - Respect The Midwest

J-Rell brought 8 cold ass artist for 1 track and dam this shit is fucking crazy. Rell, Yo Dot, Esohel, Rey Dilla, Add-2. GadaMan, Marvo, Dion Jetson. Ain't heard of some of these guys? Listen and I bet you want more.

Esohel "Essential" Album Now Available

Esohel dropped his highly anticipated album "Essential" which features some of Chicago's hottest artist and upcoming talents. Esohel blesses the world with this FREE download but you can still support the homey by purchasing the Album that will include album art and stickers.Do Not SLEEP!

U Dot Fam "Cold Case" Video Mix

U Dot Fam "Hoody Weather"

Only4TheReal 2010 Review Part 1

BET does it. MTV too. So it's only right, Only4TheReal gives you "How We see it". Today's installment are LB's picks of the best (Chicago) artist song submitted to O4R. Yes this is biased, but it's REAL. These are the best songs (IMO) submitted to the site. Check it out!

(Every song here was submitted after January 1st, 2010, this is not a list. Just a SALUTE!)

NEW!: U Dot Fam "Hoody Weather"

Pay Attention: Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel- "Mic And A Crowd"

Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel - Mic and A Crowd (Studio Session) from R.Raven on Vimeo.

I don't usally do this but... I can't put it in words betterthan the dudes who actually did it.  "A couple weeks back Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel linked up for a session over some production provided by Chris Ill. After a couple hours and a few Red Stripes, the outcome was "Mic And A Crowd".  While laying out vocals R.Raven captured the recording process on camera and meshed it with the final product. Look out for both artist to appear on May 29th's "Got The City S.E.W.N" show line up at Abbey Pub."

See told ya'll! Mic and a Crowd

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