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Somethings will NEVER change! Can we Smarten up?

You know who Derrion Albert is, right? If not, he was the child killed by the hands of other kids in an after school brawl. That story got National news attention. Do you know Ronald Rosenthal ( Or Curtis Settles ( Pretty soon you will know whoCynia Cole is.( If you are a Chicago resident, you've seen this play out before, March for violence, Mayor Daley and Jesse Jackson come to your block, hug the kids, plead with the community for change. Nothing happens. Gunfire is silenced for a few weeks, but it returns. And another group is killed, and we get the visit from the Mayor and all the "Activist". 
"Thats how it is now, Thats how it'll always be". Jay-Z rapped that in his song "Never Change" off the Blueprint. This statement applies to the whole situation happening in Chicago. Violence will NEVER stop. Murders will never stop. You'd think the death of a 2 year old little girl could impac…