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P1’s 2Cents: Flake Is Only 1 Letter from Fake

Considering this blog is called I think it’s only appropriate that I address some of the things that separate “the real” from the Fake.  Fake is defined by as: anything that is made to appear other than it is.  Fake is also a noun used to describe a person that fakes.  Now, having been in entertainment for sometime, I know firsthand that there are a lot of Fakes in the game.  There are too many to count inside the industry, more concerned with their image than the real, but what some people don’t consider is the outside Fakers. We will call these people the Flakes.  We all have met flaky people in life, hell at some point or another I am sure we can look inside and honestly say that we have been the Flake. (I know I have)
So the Flake, or Flaky person, is that person that always says “yeah ill be there” but then never shows up.  It’s an inevitable reality in my line of work as the smallest things often deter people from coming out. “Oh it was raining,” o…

P1's 2 Cent: Off Air Conversations

(Phenomenal 1 will be posting entries here @ Check it out!)

So in the course of my travels and opportunities ive been a part of many radio/tv/print interviews. and its always fun. The on air interviews are usually pretty safe and to the point. But the CRAZIEST stuff comes in to play off the air. I admire the interviewers that take it to the edge and are risky with what they say. The homie Stretch1 is one of those people that holds no punches and will say what he feels. His respect is great with me because he helps put on the people in the city and has one of the most fun and successful college radio shows consistently. Always featuring local talent alongside industry HEAVYWEIGHTS and bringing controversial issues to light. He is, has been, and I am sure will continue to be an advocate for the artist that are striving and sometimes going against the "machine"

SO with that I salute you Stretch, and I encourage everyone to give him at least a chance and check o…

IT'S BACK!: Saturday Nite Pheature (May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage)

So its that time AGAIN. Phenomenal 1 is hosting another Pheature and like always expectations ARE HIGH. No more gassing it up, either have yo ass in there Saturday nite, hear some real hip-hop, mingle with some REAL n*ggaz and Females and most of all, come thru to SUPPORT THE REAL!

Again be in the building it's May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage

Hit Phenomenal 1 up & let him know about the job he is doing.
(773) 206-0837