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Chubb Rock & Duke - Get Back

Chubb and Duke back at it with Twista Te on this "Get Back" single. Turn up shit.

Chubb Rock - Get Smoked Remix

Now usually I don't partake in posting remakes, but the Chubb Rock gave this beat that work. Again this just my opinion, don't believe me? Press play on they Youtube link. All I ask is that you

Chubb Rock & Duke - Can't Fool Me

Chubb and Duke went nuts with this one. OJ on the beat so you know that the beat nuts, the song heat. We need the mp3 cause I know ya'll gon want it. 

Chubb Rock & Duke - Turn Up

OJ Beats, Chubb Rock and Duke turn up with this new one. These dudes got they own sound if you haven't checked em out do so. Don't judge a book by its cover. All Drill music is not created the same. This some different type shit. 

Duke & Chubb Rock- Can't Even Lie (Video)

Duke and Chubb Rock click with A1 Visionz for their latest visual "Can't Even Lie" produced by the homey OJ beats. Feel free to press play and enjoy this latest hood classic. This shit heat!

Duke and Chubb Rock - I Can't Even Lie

OJ Beats sent this exclusive through, Duke and Chubb Rock link and "I Can't Even Lie", I rock with this shit. Maybe you will too. Check it out and