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Bekoe ft Shawn Wright - Get Money (@OfficialBekoe @RealShawnWright)

R.O.E. - Blue Sky (Random Thoughts)

Its been a while. R.O.E. came back to remind us he is not to be slept on! Borrowing Common's Mr. Blue sky track, Rising Over Envy drops his own "Random Thoughts". Be on the lookout for his next project he's dropping sometime in December "TheRadiantChildLP" inspired by the documentary on painter Jean Michel Basquait. #DontSleep
Random Thought

Stay in tune with R.O.E.! Official Site R.O.E. on Twitter R.O.E. on FB R.O.E. on Youtube

G.o.D Jewels - ReasonableMatic (Mixtape)

G.o.D. Jewels combines to of the greatest hip-hop albums ever for the title to his latest effort "ReasonableMatic" Sponsored by Check him out!
<a href="">ReasonableMatic by G.o.D. Jewels</a>
Download ReasonableMatic
Check out his visual

King Deon - Hard Times and Dolla Signs (Video)

King Deon and Only4TheReal = #TooMuchRealNiggaShit! We gave you a trailer, now here is the complete video. Off that upcoming "Hard Times and Dolla Signs" album, you can also hear it on FakeNeedNotApply 2 (Rated Real) 9-19-11.

Yung Barz - "Charlie Sheen"

J Dot Scarlett - Super Fly Dope

#DontSleep! on Andrew Davis II

Feels so good, putting the people on something Official. Thats exactly what this man Andres Davis II is. Hailing from Hartford, CT, he currently calls Chicago his home & will be an asset to the budding hip-hop scene here. His track "My Dream" is an inspirational look into his life, and if success was talent based (We know its not)  Mr. Davis would've been there already. Take a few minutes out of your time and enjoy some real Hip-Hop.

My Dream
If you feeling it, stay in tune with Andrew Davis
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Introducing: Dre Chi - Scared Money Freestyle

Now you might not ever see me do this, but I got a good feeling about this one. This "Scared Money" track it's cool but not amazing. But Dre Chi still gives you hope. Honestly I was unimpressed & really wasn't feeling the track, but he wasn't weak. Dre Chi has a nice, sound and aura on the mic so I know he has some bangers out there. Give the Scared Money freestyle a spin, and see if you have a different take.
Hit Dre Chi up & tell him if your feeling his music.

Salute to The Real!: Ayo! - Thuggy

Ayo has been WORKING! In his new material you will hear Ayo like you've never heard him before. H e released this new track "Thuggy" via Twitter. A video will accompany the song at a later date, but for now all you must do is Salute my dude Ayo!

Hit Ayo & show some love for the HEAT he supplying!

Brand New M.Rex - Look in my Eyes

Rex making it hard to ignore him now. "Kush in my Cigar" the first single he leaked is "Official" and now he teams with J. Fresh for another hustler's anthem "Look in my eyes". With all this good music, he needs support. Next time you riding smoking (Kush Only) Bump "Kush in my cigar". If you like what I call "Trap Rap" Look in my eyes needs to be bumped too. STOP SLEEPING ON REX!

For Good Measure

Stop sleeping on M.Rex, hit him up. Let him know who put you on!

P1’s 2Cents: Flake Is Only 1 Letter from Fake

Considering this blog is called I think it’s only appropriate that I address some of the things that separate “the real” from the Fake.  Fake is defined by as: anything that is made to appear other than it is.  Fake is also a noun used to describe a person that fakes.  Now, having been in entertainment for sometime, I know firsthand that there are a lot of Fakes in the game.  There are too many to count inside the industry, more concerned with their image than the real, but what some people don’t consider is the outside Fakers. We will call these people the Flakes.  We all have met flaky people in life, hell at some point or another I am sure we can look inside and honestly say that we have been the Flake. (I know I have)
So the Flake, or Flaky person, is that person that always says “yeah ill be there” but then never shows up.  It’s an inevitable reality in my line of work as the smallest things often deter people from coming out. “Oh it was raining,” o…

Introducing: Richie Rocket

Got some new "Different" shit for ya'll today. Richie Rocket is a Chi-town artist who doesn't just rap, he sings. His main focus is good music & he stays true to that mantra by creating music with a different flavor. Channeling music from generations past, Richie spits a sort of new age flow that bodes well for what he trying to do. But only so much "Promoting" can be done, you must now decide how you fell about Richie Rockets music.
Slow Down
No links on Richie just yet, but leave a comment, Let us know how you fell about it.

Smoker Section!: M.Rex - Kush in my Cigar

M.Rex supplies that "Smoking Music" this week, with the track entitled "Kush in my Cigar". Once  you hear it, you'll understand why. Rex always got something "Official" going down so you need to stay tune with him!

Kush in my Cigar
Aye, Don't ever think you will just enjoy FREE MUSIC & not be asked for feedback! Hit  M.Rex up @

P1's 2 Cent: Off Air Conversations

(Phenomenal 1 will be posting entries here @ Check it out!)

So in the course of my travels and opportunities ive been a part of many radio/tv/print interviews. and its always fun. The on air interviews are usually pretty safe and to the point. But the CRAZIEST stuff comes in to play off the air. I admire the interviewers that take it to the edge and are risky with what they say. The homie Stretch1 is one of those people that holds no punches and will say what he feels. His respect is great with me because he helps put on the people in the city and has one of the most fun and successful college radio shows consistently. Always featuring local talent alongside industry HEAVYWEIGHTS and bringing controversial issues to light. He is, has been, and I am sure will continue to be an advocate for the artist that are striving and sometimes going against the "machine"

SO with that I salute you Stretch, and I encourage everyone to give him at least a chance and check o…

IT'S BACK!: Saturday Nite Pheature (May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage)

So its that time AGAIN. Phenomenal 1 is hosting another Pheature and like always expectations ARE HIGH. No more gassing it up, either have yo ass in there Saturday nite, hear some real hip-hop, mingle with some REAL n*ggaz and Females and most of all, come thru to SUPPORT THE REAL!

Again be in the building it's May 15th Music Lounge 5$ @ door, 3017 W. Armitage

Hit Phenomenal 1 up & let him know about the job he is doing.
(773) 206-0837

Pay Attention!: JIG DOLLA "Who Am I" + Since 10/86 Preview!

Jig-Dolla sent this thru via Twitter, and @ we find it necessary to spread the word about ONLY the REAL. Jig goes in over Juelz classic "Who Am I" beat and gives you a preview of what the cover of the mixtape will look like. He wants some feedback from the people so check it out and hit, Jig up and let the brother know something.
Who Am I
Let him know something! Since 10/86 Vol.1 is still availble Link Here

Pay Attention: Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel- "Mic And A Crowd"

Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel - Mic and A Crowd (Studio Session) from R.Raven on Vimeo.

I don't usally do this but... I can't put it in words betterthan the dudes who actually did it.  "A couple weeks back Voyce G.I. Go and Esohel linked up for a session over some production provided by Chris Ill. After a couple hours and a few Red Stripes, the outcome was "Mic And A Crowd".  While laying out vocals R.Raven captured the recording process on camera and meshed it with the final product. Look out for both artist to appear on May 29th's "Got The City S.E.W.N" show line up at Abbey Pub."

See told ya'll! Mic and a Crowd

Keep up with Esohel & let my dude know something! CONTACT INFO EMCESOLUI@AOL.COM
(773) 216-7710 MYSPACE.COM/ESOHEL


New!: Young Tez - I'm so Appalled

Even if you dislike Young Tez' music, you have to acknowledge his hustle. This nigga put out tracks like he Wayne or Gucci1 Seriously tho, Tez blessed us again with another banger. Its called "I'm So Raw- Appalled". It's not the best Tez you'll ever hear, but It'll do. Its worth the listen & DL, Why else would it be here? EXACTLY!

I'm So Raw- Appalled
If you enjoy Tez' music let a nigga know!
Also: If possible Facebook search "Young Tez" to see the video for his track "Espy".  Stay putting n*ggaz on!