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Fuck Nigga Monthly | Frank Ocean

Everybody welcome Frank Ocean as the latest to be tried and convicted of being a "Fuck Nigga". First understand no one is judging Mr. Ocean's choice to love/fuck/emotionally attach himself to a man. But the timing of the announcement is an example of why  Mr. Ocean is more than worthy of the Fuck Nigga MVP award for the month of July. On the heels of his debut album release he reveals his first love was man. No problem with that. But why now? "Novacane" is the biggest of Ocean's songs to date, was about man and woman. He was featured prominently on the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborative effort "Watch The Throne" and even given writer credits for "Church in the Wild" and "Made in America" while portraying himself as a heterosexual male. After becoming one of the biggest young black stars in America he announces he is Gay (kinda Sorta). My belief Frank Ocean is apart of a much bigger plan to ease the subject and lifestyle of hom…