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Ben Official ft. Add-2 - I Wish Too (PSA)

Powerful music, you need to be in tune with. Ben Official and Add-2 jump on an Authentik Made composition. Ben is gearing up for 'Circa87' and he dropped this off along with a special message.
"So Add-2 and I did this song in honor of what's been going on in Chicago and the inevitable deaths due to Gun Violence. And the verdict of the recent Trayvon Martin case set off alot of mixed emotions. the main back story for the song is this: I myself was a victim of witnessing death from Gun Violence at an early age. Exactly 24 years tomorrow, My father was gunned down and robbed. so this song as well as the Circa 87 project has alot of meaning to me. Please help me be voice through my music.."

Add-2 - Leave A Message [video]

Add-2 came with some real shit directed by Domi V named 'Leave a Message'. All I can say is 
Check him out in NY June 20th @ Hot 97's 'Who's Next' concert. Sold out!

Add-2 - The Eulogy (prod by J-Rell)

Damn Add-2 started they year strong with this shit! He went nuts and kept it so muhfuggin soulful! With J.Rell handling the production Add eulogizes wack emcees and does this effortlessly. "Like Bart Simpson in detention the writings on the wall."
The Eulogy

Add-2 - Triple Threat Freestyle

Add-2 came bearing gifts this morning with a freestyle off Timbaland and Missy's latest single. Be on the lookout for Add-2 in your town soon. Until then here is something to hold you over.
Triple Threat Freestyle

Add-2 - All Of The Kings Unplugged (Video)

Add-2 kept is real soulful as he performed his single "All of The Kings" live with is band. He embarks on his tour soon 
7/28 University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign at The Quad (FREE more info go to 8/2 Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas (Buy tickets here) 8/9 Funky Buddha Lounge w/ GLC & Neak

LRG Presents | Add-2 "Save.Our.Souls"

Add-2 blesses the world with his latest LRG sponsored project "Save.Our.Souls". Add has definitely showed his ass on this one. For now check it out. Later check out my full review of the project coming soon!
Download Now
Also check out a few visuals


Add-2 "Modern Day Coons" LIVE in Chicago

Last Friday Add-2 was at Sub-T and performed his masterpiece "Modern Day Coons" live as a apart of "Black's and Slap's " tour that stopped in Chicago. Writer's Wednesday was there to capture Add-2 in all his glory. 

Add-2 ft Nida Nasheeda 'Dream Catcher' {Video}

Salue to The Real: Add-2 "Luxury" video (Vote Now @ MTVU)

Add-2 is on the rise. The Chi always knew he was talented but the rest of the WORLD now has an opportunity to see Add in all his glory. He recently submitted his video "Luxury" for air-play on MTV now that he has surpassed that hurdle, he needs the fans to step up and deliver. Add is currently locked in a tight contest with other "Freshman" artist on MTVU and he needs you to go to the site ASAP and vote as many times as possible. Chicago Look Out!  Go to and vote NOW! Add-2 is OFFICIAL If you didn't know. Go ahead check him out!

Add-2 - Locker Room stories 

Add-2 - Starter Jacket