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Today 6.11.18 According to Bundoza

Most Important Thing
Kim K really getting niggaz out the penitentiary! Bundoza chose not to comment on her meeting the President believing it was just fodder for TMZ and such types. But Mrs. Kardashian-West proved all us haters wrong. Before we point out what she isn't doing, lets salute her for what she did. She reunited a Woman to her family, Mother to her children, Grandkids can finally meet their Grandma without the confines of a prison wall. Alice Marie Johnson I know is grateful but we should all be grateful that we live in a world where this type of stuff happens. Salute the real
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Song of the Day
Luap Foster the coldest nigga you never heard off and if you have you need to spread the message, One of my favorite joints off his SoundCloud, go right to it and press play and vibe!
Funniest Shit Today
No matter what age dice getting shot and with all due respek Bill Russell you are now apart of the funniest shit today
Word to the Wise
Until we link again tomorr…