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Brand New M.Rex - Look in my Eyes

Rex making it hard to ignore him now. "Kush in my Cigar" the first single he leaked is "Official" and now he teams with J. Fresh for another hustler's anthem "Look in my eyes". With all this good music, he needs support. Next time you riding smoking (Kush Only) Bump "Kush in my cigar". If you like what I call "Trap Rap" Look in my eyes needs to be bumped too. STOP SLEEPING ON REX!

For Good Measure

Stop sleeping on M.Rex, hit him up. Let him know who put you on!

Smoker Section!: M.Rex - Kush in my Cigar

M.Rex supplies that "Smoking Music" this week, with the track entitled "Kush in my Cigar". Once  you hear it, you'll understand why. Rex always got something "Official" going down so you need to stay tune with him!

Kush in my Cigar
Aye, Don't ever think you will just enjoy FREE MUSIC & not be asked for feedback! Hit  M.Rex up @


Who said good sh*t don't just fall in your lap? would like to introduce you to Be.Water. The only way to describe Be.Water is REFRESHING. He sounds like something straight outta 1994. Old school beats & samples, and a impressive flow to match. I encourage anybody who is trying to hear something different, check him out! Do yourself a favor. Ask yourself DO I EVER SEND YOU OFF? EXACTLY! 
The Strong (Iron Clad Giant) The mixape is fire from Beginning to End, so instead of posting up more tracks, check out his Bandcamp site, its on point! Hit Be.Water up & let him know the demonstration! Be.Water - Jet Li's meaning

"Official": Jig Dolla Feat. Dutch Shultzz - "Ups & Downs"

A lil late with this one. Found this via ( & couldn't let you sleep on my dude. This is a track off his mixtape
"Since 10/86" it's entitled "Ups & Down" & if you haven't already heard it, Your Welcome. Hope to hear more Jig Dolla SOON!
"Ups & Down" ft Dutch Schultzz Don't  forget to let him know! Don't just enjoy & DIP! Hit him up! DL his entire mixtape @
Link Here